Garage Door Insulation

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The Foilboard Garage Door Kit contains the following;

  • 16 x Garage Door Panels 25mm (1300mm x 600mm)   (Need More? We stock extra Foilboard 25mm sheets if required)
  • 100 x Spacer Blocks
  • 1 x Silver Tape
  • 1 x High Temperature Adhesive
  • 1 x Installation Guide
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In many homes, the garage plays a key role. Other than being a place to park your vehicles, it often winds up operating as an extra living area, a man cave, or a teen retreat. It is commonly transformed into a sanctuary for members of the family. Because your garage is more than just a spot to leave your cars, we’ve created Foilboard® for Garage Insulation, so that you can maximize your comfort. Even if you choose to use a garage for its intended purpose, installing insulation in garage adds an extra layer of thermal protection to your property and acts effectively to protect the core of your home from extreme hot and cold.

Our garage door insulation panels are both slimline and extremely effective, ensuring that your door is strongly armed to protect your home from the intrusion of extreme heat and cold. Thankfully, we’ve also made installing garage door insulation a breeze.

This garage door insulation is the perfect DIY activity that will improve the insulation in your garage all year round!